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Welcome to the Hürriyet Printing Center Germany

your partner for high-quality newspaper printing

The Hürriyet printing center A. S. (branch office Germany) belongs to one of total seven printing centers of the Demirören Holding. The Demirören Holding is one of the most renowned holding companies of Turkey and is well-established in the media industry, as well as in other numerous sectors.

Situated in Mörfelden-Walldorf, in close reach to the Frankfurt Airport, the Hürriyet Printing Center has been producing newspaper titles since 2001, aided by state-of-the-art technology. Through ideal transport connections, titles are distributed across all of Europe. In total, 28 international and national titles are produced, including our own daily Hürriyet and 11 other daily newspapers, in 8 languages and 6 alphabets.

The fact that we maintain a high standard in quality, flexibility and diligence distinguishes the services of our printing center. We offer our customers a job-oriented production concept, a broad performance spectrum and lay a special focus on personal assistance, guided by the needs of our customers. 

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