PDF pages are transferred onto our FTP servers. Two separately running FTP servers are available for data transfer.

We use two AGFA Advantage N-TR units and one Polaris XTV CTP unit, managed with the Arkitex NewsDrive software and the Page Pairing system.


24/7 newspaper and insert printing

We produce seven days a week on 3 coldset-rotations, equipped with modern technology. Newspapers are printed in Nordic and half-Nordic formats with the grammages 42 g/m2 or 45 g/m2.

Newspapers are produced according to your specifications, commissioned and delivered on time.


We own three perfectly synchronized high-capacity insertion lines (Müller-Martini), which can process and insert a broad range of insert types (brochures, magazines, prospects and preprinted specials) with a speed of 30,000 copies/min.

Inkjet-Adressing / Pick & Place

Two Buhrs Variajet addressing machines are at our customer’s service to full-automatically place subscriber addresses on the front page of the title. In addition, the SIGMA Pick&Place system is used at our subscription service to adhere commercial labels on newspaper cover sheets and to fix flyers and brochures onto them.